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One-of-a-kind Incubator

ProFound is a truly unique incubator launching in Perth, Western Australia, where neurodiverse individuals passionate about coding and technology, will be given a pathway towards developing a digital product, starting their journey as a technical founder and launching their own business venture. Read about us in Business News.


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The Program

A one-of-a-kind incubator nurturing neurodiverse entrepreneurs

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Our incredible team of educators and mentors will teach you up-to-date and industry level skill sets to prepare you in launching a quality digital product for the market.

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Encouraging life-long learning and kick starting your career as a technical founder, we will work with you to learn how you can continue to grow your client base and build a sustainable business.

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The program is tailored specifically for individuals of neurodiversity who are known to be amazing problem solvers, creative thinkers, with great attention to detail and love personal and professional development.

Nurturing Neurodiverse Entrepreneurs

We are currently inviting potential corporate sponsors, social partners (non-for-profits and social enterprises, advocacy groups), mentors, educators and researchers passionate about having real impact to become actively engaged with ProFound. We want to ensure the best possible outcomes for our participants to reach their aspirations with their digital startups, so connect with us below if you’re interested in being a part of this unique incubator.

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For Clients

If you’re a business or organization looking for a digital product to be developed through the ProFound program, fill out the form below for a free consultation. Working closely with our participants and our creative development team here at ProFound, we can help bring your ideas into reality building a personalised solution for you.

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Dr Theresa Kidd

Clinical Psychologist and Autism Educator and Consultant

“While 250,000 Australians are diagnosed with autism, less than half have ever worked, and of those that have, many have either not maintained their employment or the work has not been related to their education/skill or interest. An innovative initiative, ProFound, is likely to change these statistics by providing talented neurodiverse adults with the guidance and mentoring they require to start-up their own business ventures.“


Professor Tele Tan

Co-Founder, AASQA at (Curtin University)

“AASQA is delighted to work with the ProFound Incubator to provide this unique platform for neurodiverse individuals who wish to develop their concepts into viable technology products or services. I am looking forward to seeing many budding tech entrepreneurs emerge from this program which is the first of its kind in Australia.“


Stuart Kidd

Founder of ProFound Incubator

“ProFound is an opportunity for neurodiverse individuals to kick-start their digital career as an entrepreneur. Our program is unique in its ability to connect participants with educators as well as immersing them into a startup project. They will come out of the program with experiences beyond any work experience or regular job.“


Johnny Doan

Incubator Manager

“As someone who is neurodivergent (being on the bipolar spectrum, and having ADHD), as well as having family members who are on the autism spectrum, I know it’s incredibly important for neurodiverse individuals to feel empowered by having self-determination in their career and aspirations. In our unique program, not only will participants begin their startup journey, but they will be immersed and supported by a passionate community of entrepreneurs.“

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